Marijuana Dope Legalization By Summer


August is looking like the earliest Canadians will get legal access to their recreational marijuana needs. A Senate vote is set for June regarding the legalization for recreational use.


Trudeau had planned for dope smokers to be legally able to puff-puff-pass by July 1st, but it seems that target is going to be off by a few months, possibly longer.

The extra time is needed, claims federal health minister Ginette Petitpas Taylorย โ€œThe provinces and territories have also advised us that they need approximately eight to 12 weeks after we receive royal assent to get the products on their shelves. So if you do the math it will be eight to 12 weeks. So Iโ€™m assuming sometime in the summer,โ€

Many police forces are claiming they will not be ready to handle the costs, or enforcing the new laws. The timeline is too quick for some police services, but Petitpas Taylor urges that investments will ensure police shall be ready.