Ontario NDP Talk Pharmacare, Dental Benefits, And Hydro


Ontario NDP has more of their platform released. Their platform includes Pharmacare, dental benefits, and a hydro plan.


At a press conference in Toronto, Andrew Horwath said “We are going to run the biggest campaign the NDP has ever run in Ontario”

“It will show everyone why we are running, and why we are running to win.” Horwath said.

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You shouldn’t have to empty your wallet to get the medicine you need.


Over 2 million Ontarians have no prescription drug coverage at all. One in four Ontarians doesn’t take their medications as prescribed because they can’t afford them, and too many end up in hospitals and emergency rooms as a result.

Andrea Horwath’s New Democrats will create the province’s first universal Pharmacare program so all Ontarians can get the medication they need.

That means lower cost, less stress and better health for everyone.

 Ontario NDP Pharmacare For Everyone Full Plan – Click HERE

Hydro Plan

Our plan will cut your bill by about 30%. We’ll do that by:

  • Reversing the sell-off of Hydro One
  • Immediate steps to cut hydro bills down to size
  • Permanent changes to the system to fix it for the long-term

Power isn’t a luxury. Why should it be priced like one?


No rate increase would be required to finance the return of Hydro One to public ownership. Our plan pays off the return of Hydro One quickly; and within 10 years Ontario would have $1.6 billion more from dividends and payments to invest in hospitals, schools and Ontarians.

Returning Hydro One to public ownership:

  • Return Hydro One to public ownership and control, ensuring it serves the public interest
  • Protect hydro so future governments can never again sell-off Hydro without the permission of the public through a referendum
  • Immediately re-establish independent, transparent, public oversight of Hydro One.
  • Establish an expert advisory panel tasked with providing the most responsible path towards public ownership of power and power generation

Immediate Steps:

  • Fixing unfair delivery cost – Ontarians will pay the same delivery costs whether urban or rural
  • Ending Mandatory Time of Use
  • Capping private profit margins
  • Bringing real oversight to electricity prices
  • Using tax benefits to help ratepayers
  • Make the HST rebate permanent, and negotiate with the federal government to remove their 5% portion on hydro bills

Fixing the system to save more:

  • Fixing Oversupply. Ontarians are paying for extra electricity that nobody needs. The NDP will stop that
  • Not renewing and renegotiating or cancelling bad contracts. For 20 years, Liberal and Conservative governments have signed long-term private contracts that are making insiders wealthy, and leaving Ontarians paying for electricity that cannot be used
  • Importing affordable renewable electricity when needed
  • Leveraging public power

Ontario NDP Party Full Hydro Plan – Click HERE

Ontario NDP Party Vision – Click HERE