FIRE: East End Garage Gets Lit Up


Thunder Bay Fire Rescue responded to a call for service around 4:30 am this morning in the East End. The structure was engulfed in flames upon arrival of emergency services.


The fire was handled by Thunder Bay Fire Rescue without it spreading to the surrounding structures.

Reports have come in that a REAL Concerned Citizens neighbours garage has caught fire in the 700 block of McIntosh.

โ€Someone f**ken set fire to my mother inlaws garage right next to me.โ€ Said Joanna Zanni, a East End resident.

โ€We are OK but most of our things are on that garage.โ€ Zanni explains. When asked what items were in the garage, Zanni said โ€All my little girls things me & my husbandโ€™s things.โ€


We have heard that nobody was injured at the fire on McIntosh.

We have also caught wind that another garage has caught fire on East Mary around 5:30am this morning. Although we donโ€™t have any pics of that.

The second garage fire located in the 100 block of East Mary also engulfed the structure. Fire crews also doused those flames without the fire spreading to any nearby structures.

Nobody was injured at the East Mary fire.

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