Anonymous Submission #0003 – Israel Palestine Part II


Listen here, toots.


I asked a simple question earlier, one that is not hard to answer. Are you supportive of the JUST democratic republic that is Israel, or would you rather support the THREAT TO HUMANITY that would call itself Palestine?

Instead of answer, like I POLITELY ASKED, you would post my letter online and make a MOCKERY of me. I am a card-carrying member of MENSA (IQ of 160, that makes me a GENIUS) and a practicing member of the JIDF.

I made it clear in my last letter that I was Jewish, so the ONLY way your reply would make sense is if you are an ANTISEMITE.

That said, everyone makes mistakes. Here is your second chance. These donโ€™t come often, so this is a real opportunity for TRCCTB to pick the right side of history.


Which side do you support? I await your answer in salivation. Thank you for your time.

-Brian. D

โ€œTo do all the Torah which My servant Moshe commanded you donโ€™t stray from it left or right.โ€ 1:7


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