A 43-year-old Mark Boucher appeared before Her Honour Justice Elaine Burton today, Tuesday, March 20, 2018, to plead guilty to a couple charges, breach of probation and fraud under 5000$.


Boucher is represented by local lawyer Tyler Woods and the Crown Attorney is Gordon Fillmore. Boucher is approx 6โ€™ tall, 200 lbs, brown hair, green eyes, and muscular build wearing a white t-shirt with sleeves rolled up and blue jeans. Heโ€™s also wearing a nice shiny set of silver bracelets on each wrist that are connected together when Thunder Bay Police bring him into court.

Admitted facts before the court are that on October 20, 2017, Boucher convinced an elderly woman on Cherry Lane that he could fix her roof. She gave him 50% of the payment upfront with a cheque for 4025$. Boucher took the money and never returned. He also failed to appear for his appointments with probation last fall.

Boucher has a lengthy criminal history but itโ€™s mostly violence. He was the subject of a manhunt in July 2016 for a serious aggravated assault. He was sentenced on August 30, 2017, to time served and released on 18 months probation.

Gladue factors are that heโ€™s a status Indian from Fort William Indian Reserve 52. He had a hard time as a kid.
Judge Burton takes note of his lengthy record but notes that heโ€™s now into property crimes instead of violence.
His attorney Tyler Woods reminds the court that because of the record, his client will be doing jail time on all criminal charges going forward.


Boucher is given 74 enhanced days credit plus another 4 months total going forward from today. Basically, itโ€™s a 6.5-month sentence. Heโ€™ll most likely be released from jail in about 2 months.

Judge Burton orders restitution to be paid of 4025$ to the elderly victim. Heโ€™s given 1 year to pay it. Boucher tells the judge he promises to go fix the roof when he gets out of jail.

Judge Burton tells Boucher not to go near her. โ€œShe doesnโ€™t want you back thereโ€.

Boucher receives another 12 months probation with a condition to stay away from the elderly victim.

He also receives a 200$ victim surcharge fine.



From The Desk of Thunder Bay Courthouse โ€“ Inside Edition