Yes Originally scheduled for sentencing at 9am this morning, Thursday March 22,2018 is Cody Collins-Baxter. Superior Courtroom 205 opens at 9am and His Honour Justice John Fregeau enters the courtroom. Crown Attorney Gordon Fillmore is present and Collins-Baxter’s lawyer Christopher Watkins is present.


The defendant is not here. Watkins informs the court that his client is on his way. Justice Fregeau stands down court until the defendant arrives. At 9:30am, Collins-Baxter arrives.

Justice Fregeau enters court.

Collins-Baxter is well dressed for court and has excuses for the judge. Someone attempted a break and enter at his home last night and the bus broke down on his way to court.

His Honour Fregeau is not amused and states “That’s a lot of excuses. You knew you had court, you should have planned it.”


The Crown is dropping the sexual interference charge and Collins-Baxter is going to plead guilty to a reduced charge of assault instead of sexual assault. Crown and defence have agreed to the reduced charge and a joint submission is coming.

Admitted facts before the court are that Cody Collins-Baxter had a female drinking alcohol under the age of 19 at his home on the Fort William Indian Reserve #52. He touched the victim several times and it was unwanted

Gladue factors are that he’s been impacted by residential schools and is a member of Fort William Band. He’s taking an electrician course

He has no previous criminal record. Joint submission is for suspended sentence plus 12 months probation. Counselling for sexual offending behaviour along with a DNA order. It’s a 200$ victim surcharge fine and he’s given 6 months to pay.

From The Desk of Thunder Bay Courthouse – Inside Edition