Anonymous Submission #005 – Marijuana Dope ‘n’ Driving


Young 20-ish-year-old driver with short Sandy blond hair and look fairly thin. Around 15 minutes ago was driving down Red River Road from Clarkson towards Walmart on Dawson Road.


This douchebag was driving an older Type green Ford truck with a homemade flatbed. License plate number *****. My passengers and I watched you puff weed from a small resigned filled glass pipe at least four times driving down the road.

Get off the Fucking Road you idiot we could see your brown resin through the glass pipe you kept putting up to your mouth. This kid isnโ€™t very bright cuz he thought nobody could smell the weed even though he had a closed window had to stop beside him a couple times and open our windows and we could smell it plain as day. Stop endangering peopleโ€™s lives.