South-side Business Finds Patron Unresponsive


An employee of a south-side business reached out to TRCCTB.COM to tell us their story of what happened in the store yesterday in hopes of squashing the rumours that someone had died in the establishment.


Anonymous tells us that they did, in fact, have to deal with a person who was found passed out, laying down in one of the aisles, but that it was not โ€œHairsprayโ€ as the rumour mill has been churning. Anonymous does note that a half-empty bottle of hand sanitizerย was found near the person.

The store quickly called emergency services and requested an ambulance to help the unknown person. Upon arrival, paramedics quickly tended to the person and brought them to the hospital. As far as anonymous knows, the unidentified person was alive when they left in the ambulance.

The store employee told us that this is a common occurrenceย across many large and smaller stores that sell hand sanitizer or hairspray.