CAT LAKE CUTTER: Assault With Bug Spray, Kitchen Knife, Threats, And More.


Temusย Buddy Oombash had a bail court appointment in courtroom 104 this morning by telephone from Cat Lake Indian Reserve 63C.


Justice of the Peace Zelda Kitchekeesik presiding, with Andrew Sadler as Crown Attorney, and Lianne Roberge as Duty Counsel.

Oombash has some charges stemming from a March 29th incident in Cat Lake. The list of charges are as follows:

  • Assault x2
  • Assault
  • Threaten to use a Weapon (Kitchen Knife)
  • Assault with a Weapon (Raid Spray)
  • Assault with a Weapon (Kitchen Knife)
  • Utter Threat to Cause Bodily Harm x2

Oombash has currently outstanding charges, still proceeding through the court process, those charges are:

  • Assault with a weapon
  • Assault
  • Utter Threat x2

The crown stresses that he does not consent to Oombashโ€™s release based on the secondary grounds, which indicates a substantial likelihood that Oombash will re-offend, and/or become a public safety risk. The crown wants a no-contact/communication order preventing Oombash from contacting the 3 victims while in custody.


Duty counsel takes a few moments to have a private conversation with Oombash, upon return duty counsel states that they would like the matter remanded until April 3rd, 2018 in Kenora bail court.

Justice of the Peace Kitchekeesik orders the matter remanded into Kenora bail court on April 3rd, 2018, and also issues a no contact/communicationย order preventing Oombash from reaching out to the 3 victims.