Some sources are saying there is a standoff happening on Home Ave between Francis and Frederica, we donโ€™t have confirmation as of yet, but we are working diligentlyย to get the story out to the public. This story is developing and we will update this article frequently as we learn more.


The incident began around 5:00pm today, and has more than a dozen police vehicles, including the โ€œEmergency Measures Organization District Command Postโ€. Sources tell us that it may be the home of a cocaine dealer and anย attempted raid went sour, but we donโ€™t believe that to be true at this point. Other sources have told us that there may be a few men with guns bunkered down inside the home and a potential victim being held. Nothing is confirmed at this point. Although police have said there is no immediate danger to the public at this time, they do have the street closed off.

***UPDATE We have received information that whatever was happening has winded down, as reports are coming in that there is only 2-3 police vehicles and the street is no longer closed off. More information as the story develops.


Investigation Continues into Weapons Call


A 911 call was received at 4:43 p.m. on April 1, 2018, from a female stating that she and her boyfriend were being held by a number of men with weapons in a residence in the 1300 block of Home Avenue.

Patrol officers were quickly on the scene and contained the immediate area while trying to gather more information. A full incident command was set up with tactical officers and negotiators to deal with the situation.

Contact was made with the homeowners who were out of town. They advised there should not be anyone in the residence. In order to ensure the safety of anyone possibly inside the residence, tactical officers entered and confirmed it was vacant just after 7:00 p.m. During the search a firearm and suspected drugs were located.

The residence is currently being held by police pending further investigation.