At 6:45 am this morning in Victoriaville Mall, there were 4 people found in the mall who had broken in.


They were found passed out with needles and drugs. Pictures of these individuals with their needles were taken and sent to City of Thunder Bay Property Manager Jessi Ruberto. Jessi is the son of Councillor Aldo Ruberto.

It is unknown what Jessi Ruberto has done with these pictures.

Inside Edition sources state there is NO SECURITY ALARM in Victoriaville and there have been numerous break-ins at the Mall lately. Over the Christmas holiday, City offices were broken into through skylight and tens of thousands of dollars in damage was caused. A safe was also stolen and recovered on the roof of the Mall.

There has been no report from Thunder Bay Police Director of Communications about the B&E Needle Junkies yet.

There has been no statement or publication of the pictures from Jessi Ruberto or the City of Thunder Bay yet.


Business owners in the mall are extremely concerned. The citizens of this Thunder Bay should be notified.

From The Desk of Thunder Bay Courthouse โ€“ Inside Edition