Anonymous Submission #0008 – Drug Abuse, Kids, Drug Dealers & Housing


I write this because there is a flaw in the system. No surprise there! I write this because exceptions are made to rules for some who cry the loudest while those who are truly in need and who would be the most appreciative wait patiently and are rewarded with being bumped back.


I am writing this more specifically because of an instance that is currently happening and everyone is averting their eyes. Storytimeโ€ฆ..

An addict father with access to his children once every 2 weeks, CAS involved but not enough permanent damage has been done yet so they sit back and watch.

Father rents a one bedroom apartment, kids sleep over 2 nights every 2 weeks if he feels like taking them. He applies for housing and climbs the chain crying about his troubled life and how he is an abused man until he is granted a 3 bedroom house.

Flash forward to more substance abuse ( at this point crack use is daily and while children are in his care) and the father has his children apprehended after much pain is caused to the children. He loses custody and access. He is living in the house aloneโ€ฆ. or is he? Multiple calls to housing about people that are renting rooms from him witnessed by multiple neighbours.


Housing gives him the courtesy 24-hour notice and poof no one but him there. Fact remains that he is currently occupying a 3 bedroom low-income house as a single person. ( drug dealers did commandeer his unit but housing wonโ€™t listen and there is a video of him being chased out) Who else is waiting on the list?

Court case for child protection continues and just before the case is about to go to trial he decides to go for treatmentโ€ฆ literally at the final hour. Years of substance abuse and one month of treatment is all that is needed to be clean and stay sober? He is rewarded with a 4 bedroom house in a better neighbourhood, still currently has no access other than supervised at childrens center.

The whole thing makes me wonder, what are the requirements to be awarded a house? I always assumed that 3 and 4 bedroom houses would be reserved for people who needed them. While I can appreciate a parent wanting their child to have a room of their own I whole heartedly believe that the people who have children sleeping in those beds at least 50% of the time would be a priority over those who have their children 15% of the time.

With that being said how can someone who has their kids 0% of the time get a whole big house? Access may change with his sobriety, but any parent who has children can appreciate that in order for access to change sobriety would have to be sustained, so why not live in a 1 bedroom and let a family make a life in the house that is sitting virtually empty.

The system is flawed. He who cries the loudest is pacified, given what he wants. How long until he rents the rooms again? In a society where addiction is considered a disability, he can ride that train for years.