The Foundry was engulfed in flames overnight, causing significant damage to the popular local restaurant.


The north-side bar suffered from a basement fire that occurred overnight, which had the automatic fire alarm fire off at around 4:30amย Saturday morning, calling in emergency services to the scene.

A REAL Concerned Citizen noticed the flames flickering and made the call to 911 to report the situation. The witness saw the fire and heard the alarm, and reported it to 911.

Once on the scene, Thunder Bay Fire Rescue noticed smoke billowing in the building and a second alarm was made, which means more fire crews were dispatched to tackle the raging inferno. Firefighter crews attacked the flames through a front window.

A thermal camera was utilizedย to enable the crews to make their way through the thick heavy smoke and identify the source of the fire, which was in the basement.


The culpritย was a laundry basket filled with clothes and rags, the fire was quickly extinguished resulting in the situation to cool off.

Nobody was occupying the structure during the chaos, thus resulting in no injuries or casualties as an outcome of Thunder Bay Fire Rescueโ€™s efforts to tackle the pesky fire.

The building suffered what was called โ€œMinor damageโ€, which was mainly the ceiling and sidewall in the vicinity of the laundry basket.

A total of 4 pumper trucksย and an aerial ladder truck were on scene battling the blaze. The Ministry of Health responded to the incident to determine if all food-related REAL concerns were handled.