More Inspectors For Long Term Care, No New PSW’s, As Of Yet


Bill Mauro, MPP, met with Tracy Buckler, President & CEO of St. Josephโ€™s Care Group. His statement is as follows, regarding the substandard care at area long term care facilities. Below his statement are some quotes from people in the know of what happens at our long term care facilites.


โ€œSome time ago, I had the opportunity to meet with Tracy Buckler, President & CEO of St. Josephโ€™s Care Group. The meeting entailed a very frank discussion related to concerns that I am hearing regarding the level of care in their long-term care homes in Thunder Bay. The meeting confirmed with me that St. Josephโ€™s Care Group (SJCG) is working very hard to solve the issues they have had to deal with and that they are committed to delivering quality care to their residents.

One of the major issues faced by SJCG, and other providers, is the shortage of Personal Support Workers (PSW) across the province. SJCG is working with their various partners to attract and retain PSWs and expect the upcoming graduating class from Confederation College, as well as some other measures they have put in place, will lead to improved care.

St. Josephโ€™s Care Group has confirmed that they always welcome hearing from residents and family members about any concerns that they may have. I encourage residents or family members with concerns to bring them to the attention of SJCG management as early as possible, and they will work with you to find a resolution.

Currently, every long-term care home in Ontario undergoes a comprehensive resident quality inspection each year to ensure they are in compliance with the Long-Term Care Homes Act. About 100 new inspectors have been hired and trained to ensure these inspections are done effectively and to follow up on any issues that are identified during these inspections. The Act also includes a variety of enforcement tools including financial penalties.


I want to ensure you that the quality of care in our long-term care homes is a matter of critical importance to me, and my colleagueย Michael Gravelle, and that the Province is committed to working with our partners to deliver the best possible care for residents of our long-term care homes.โ€ โ€“ Bill Mauro

Mamy citizens spoke out about the statement, here are a few of them.

โ€œMore staff per shift is needed (staff ratio) it is not just a shortage of PSWS, it is a shortage of PSWs , RPNs and RNs which is hitting those homes hard in all areas, and all those left working in short numbers are being run to the ground and scrutinized for not meeting requirements which is just wrong. Clearly funding to increase the number of staff would allow that place to function optimally and considering Mr. Gโ€™s mother came from a home with 5 PSWS, 2 RPNs and an RN it should be understandable that a home with those numbers cut in half are going to cut care and meeting LTC requirements in halfโ€ฆ and hurt the poor staff. E.g. staff were so burnt out they called in sick and the result was 1 RPN looking after 64 pts on a 12hr shiftโ€ฆ one.โ€ โ€“ย Katy Crnkovic

โ€œMore inspectors is not the answer. Deming and other quality improvement experts have shown time and time again that you canโ€™t just โ€œinspectโ€ quality into a system or workplace. Inspection needs to be partnered with giving workers the tools and resources to do their work. Having worked in long term care and having had parents in local homes I can attest to how hard staff work with limited resources including adequate staffing levels and education. Our seniors deserve better than what current staffing levels afford them. Low frontline staffing numbers along with residentsโ€™ increasing psychosocial and physical care needs create an atmosphere of frustration among staff, residents and families. Trying to balance residentsโ€™ individual wants and needs with too few staff to meet them is an unwinnable state. The long term care system needs serious reform that includes feedback from residents, families, staff and the provincial government.โ€ โ€“ย Pat Piaskowsk

โ€œDue to deplorable resident\staff ratio, my mother was in kidney failure due to dehydration! Not enough staff to ensure and prompt dementia patients to drink fluids! I had her immediately ambulance to our hospital for treatment and luckily the DRโ€™s were able to restore her kidney function after 7 days in the Regional! As a family, we visit our mother daily because we KNOW there is a shortage of staff to care for residents that have multiple debilitating chronic conditions! Increase funding to ltc homes! Our seniors deserve better!โ€ โ€“ย Marina Gambaretto MacLeod

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