(OPINION) – IMAGINE….a law school dean who has difficulty garnering respect in the workplace.


IMAGINE….the dean can’t suggest that she failed at her job, so she plans a media tour hell bent on throwing the entire University, law school, and city under the bus by citing “systemic racism”. She demonstrates to the public what type of leader she is.

IMAGINE….the dean fires an employee due to her white skin colour and suggesting she was a supermodel.

IMAGINE….the employee filing a complaint with the Human Rights Tribunal due to what she perceives to be the Dean’s racist actions.

IMAGINE….the Dean doing an interview with the Toronto Star and telling them the complaint has been settled and she has been removed as a respondent in March 2018

IMAGINE…..that the complaint HAS NOT been settled and she is still listed as a respondent.

IMAGINE….the Toronto Star doesn’t investigate to see if it’s truthful.

IMAGINE….the Dean resigns and leaves the country, so she doesn’t have to deal with the Human Rights complaint lodged against her for racism.

IMAGINE…..local Thunder Bay media refusing to state the truth because they are in fear of local indigenous leadership.

IMAGINE…..a narrative of systemic racism at one of the most inclusive universities in Canada.

IMAGINE….some people believe the narrative regardless of how false it is.

IMAGINE….people start to question the narrative and realize there is more to the story than what mainstream media tells you.

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