The Growing Success Of A Local Business


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – The TRCCTB interviewed a lovely local business owner on how it all began and how well her business is growing in Thunder Bay.


“Hi, my name is Kaitlin, but I like to go by Kate.  I am 33 (34 on April 23rd — yikes) Married to the love of my life (doesnt everyone say that?)  We have been married for almost 10 years,  we have a daughter, Jordin who is 9.  My husband and I moved out to Edmonton area in 2006 for work and school, we were out there for 10 years before deciding to move back home to Thunder Bay (always home)  We also have two fur babies; Memphis, our black lab is 10 and Detective Marty Deeks our French Bulldog who is 2.” Says Kate.

Kate goes on to explain her culinary education “I studied the Culinary Arts program at Con College and have worked many kitchens, but decided that working in kitchens wasnt for me, I enjoyed working in MY kitchen the best, cooking for friends and family.”.

Kate then goes into detail “Always playing around in the kitchen, my husband (he also worked in the culinary field) and I started throwing different spices together in 2014, and we came up with an amazing blend.  We started by putting it on ribs and chicken thighs for our bbq’s with friends.  They then started asking if they could have some to bring home.  Which was then Shumka Dust was born.

We were living in Morinville, AB for almost 10 years (where we created Shumka Dust)  and decided that it was time to move home (Thunder Bay- 2016)  


Scott started taking Shumka Dust to work for his new co-workers to try, and all of a sudden everyone was asking to buy some.  We sold over 100 bottles in 1 week.  So we sat down and thought if people are this interested we should go ahead and get it out to the public.  I got our city license and had the health & fire unit come and check out our kitchen.  We passed with flying colours (A).  So next step was to make labels and start advertising.  Its been a whirl wind, but we are so extremely happy with the interest, so much so we introduced Superior Steak Spice only a few months later.

I have always been such a shy person, but pushed myself to get our product out, setting up meetings and bringing it in to many local shops.  Shumka Dust is now available in over 15 local shops across Thunder Bay. (Picture included)  We also ship, and shipments have been sent from the West coast all the way to PEI. 

Shumka Dust is a very unique and versatile Spice, Rub, Seasoning with a KICK! You can use as a Rub on chicken thighs, ribs, steak, pork chops, any meat the heart desires.  Use as a Spice in chili, spaghetti sauce, soup, gravy, hamburgers!!!  Even use as a Seasoning on fries, eggs, popcorn, pizza, nachos.  Honestly the ideas are endless, and I am always excited for people to tell me new things they have used it on or in.  Shumka dust is very low in sodium and even gluten free.

 (Dust a Little or Dust Alot)

New to the Shumka Dust line is the Superior Steak Spice, as it says, but can also be used in your potatoes, chicken, eggs, pork chops and even a Caesar Rimmer.  Superior Steak Spice is lower in salt then Montreal Steak Spice, and is a different take on it.

Shumka Dust products arent full of fillers like some of your typical spices in your spice cupboard, and best part is its local to Thunder Bay.  We are always working in the kitchen and playing with new ideas to expand our spice line, and even some fresh products. Please check out our facebook Page (ShumkaDust)  and we are also on Instagram.”


– Kate

We love sharing these stories of our local businesses in Thunder Bay weather it be big or small. If you would like to be interviewed about your business please contact Jess Cook or Pino Demasi.