Anonymous Submission #0042 – Wait Times


I just wanted to bring to light the egregious wait times at the Drive Test centre on Memorial in the McIntyre Centre.


Was there with Husband today, the third time we’ve tried going.   You first walk in and are immediately supposed to “take a number”, the sign however is pretty clear as mud.  As we waited, many others filtered in not exactly knowing what the protocol is or if there even is one.

Theres only one electronic kiosk where you select why you’re there (also the most vague guessing game I’ve seen in a while). The alphanumeric tickets aren’t in any specific order and for the approximate 12 seats they have in their Lobby, there’s been about the same number of people who are standing.

Here’s the kicker-  there’s only TWO wickets for help, and a bevy of back offices where more people are “working”. You could even say that for at least an hour, one teller was working with a client, where she was having trouble, thus leaving the remaining teller to handle everyone else.

Today alone we sat for 2 1/2 hours without having seen hide nor hair of service, many walk in with different numbers and are shuffled to the front of the line. Or are waiting haphazardly after their road test, or written test for further instruction with no real rhyme or reason of how to proceed next.


Just to be clear we aren’t at all blaming the poor Ladies who have to endure this bureaucratic mess everyday of their working lives, but clearly the front office has a skewed idea of supply and demand.

First world problems I know right, but for everyone there; already stressed enough for their tests etc, taken a morning or afternoon off from work, or are just trying to get stuff done during their lunch hour seems dismal at best.


I’m hoping that in between the actual serious problems our city faces, perhaps you could bring to light the total lack of unpreparedness and unwillingness to recognize an increase in traffic, perhaps being proactive, even reactive considering the time and cost of services to the people, instead of just pushing along without making things easier for everyone.


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  1. Yup, we walked in because web site wasn’t working to book a drive test.
    There were at least 15 people in line. And all the seats were taken.
    We just left. Who has time for that??
    Brutal. I feel bad for those ladies at the front desk as well.

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