(THUNDER BAY, ONT) โ€“ A REAL Concerned Citizen comes to us with a warning regarding a young gang that is allegedly in town calling themselves the โ€œWestfort Gangโ€.


This gang is believed to be comprised of mostly teenagers, even so, they have apparently been causing stress and striking fear into kids and young adults.

We have been told and shown evidence of this gang injuring innocent people in town, and cornering teenagers and young adults.

Thunder Bay Police Service should be aware, we have been told that people have reported this activity to them.

There was a brutal beating that occurred lately, and many more that were rumoured of in the south end of town.


Please ensure your kids use the buddy system when going out and always have a cell phone handy to call for help.

If you or anyone you know has experienced any gang-related violence, please contact ya and tell us your story by emailing



  1. Sadly, these young people are not just bullies , but cowards who need to be brought to justice for there cruel and unjust treatment of innocent people . All they’re proving is that they’re angry, sad and insecure and they’re taking out their frustrations on others because it makes them feel powerful, when in fact they are weak and feeble and downright cruel.

  2. these are the same group of young adults that were doing the westfort eggings a few weeks ago,
    im sure these punks will mess with the wrong person soon. they are cowards as when the egged the bouncers at the wayland they ran away when they were going to be confronted.. they are nothing more than a group of cowards who would clearly be to weak to pick there fights alone, they have to be in a group so they can feel like big men, cowards. im waiting for the day they try this on me, they would regret it!!

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