(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ Anyone whoโ€™s been a member of our Facebook group โ€œThe REAL Concerned Citizens of Thunder Bayโ€ is well aware of the substantial increase in car hoppers ransacking peoples vehicles for the change in the cup holder, half pack of cigarettes, and other various items left overnight. NOTE: All of the pictures and video in this article are from incidents that occurred in Thunder Bay.


We have seen many smashed windows, and damaged vehicles left in the wake of these low-life thieves. Thunder Bay Police officers have said on several occasions that they have noticed the increase, and are investigating.

Multiple people have been arrested and rung through the court system for not only stealing from vehicles but also for damaging them to get at the contents inside.

Below is a car hopper caught on camera. The scum bucket was testing door handles throughout the neighbourhood, in search of an easy score.


Lately, the increasing trend is for these brazen garbage piles to no longer just test to see if a car is left open, but they are smashing out windows to get at the contents. Many REAL Concerned Citizens have openly admitted they keep their car doors open at night so they donโ€™t have to wake up to a broken window and glass particles all over the inside of their vehicles.


Local window/auto repair companies have been kept busy in the aftermath of this concerning trend. People are frustrated by being left with their deductible all so some thief could get half a pack of smokes or some change.

The typical car hopper is someone who is severely addicted to hard drugs, and are in search of anything valuable so that they may exchange it for their next hit. TRCCTB.COM is left wondering how a safe injection site is going to help reduce the ongoing crime spree occurring in our town from heavily addicted people looking for their next fix.

TRCCTB.COM is urging the public to report to police every time your vehicle gets ransacked, even if the windows are not broken. These incidents need to be reported so that police may have as much information as possible for their investigation.

Installing security cameras that point at your parked vehicle(s), and another one pointed at the door of your home is a good way to not only protect your valuables but to also have some evidence that the police can follow up on in their investigation.

Several citizens have reported that car hoppers are also trying the door handle on their homes, too. It has been said that some car hoppers will check if the house door is open, and if it is, they let themselves in and check for vehicle keys and valuables near the door.

Car hoppers that locate keys to a vehicle near the entrance of the house are able to just steal the whole car, and this is how some newer vehicles have been stolen out of REAL Concerned Citizens driveways lately.


In closing, please be wise, donโ€™t leave anything in your vehicle of value in sight, this will help reduce the likelihoodย of thieves forcing their way in.



  1. I caught a Gentleman in my wife’s car a few years ago but didn’t call the Police.
    My Neighbour and I just spoke with him and explained what he was doing was wrong. Ahem, cough, cough.

    1. We have security cameras,but unless you’re up at the time they come around good luck.(they are FAST)
      Plus we have motion lights. The video footage is good,but still hard to see the idiots faces clearly.
      Plus ,if you hurt them, then you’re in trouble. AND,a cop at my gym said they’re carrying knives. They also come by in twos.(Northwood area).

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