(OTTAWA, ONTARIO) โ€“ Doug Ford has put a stop to all doctors and nurses having to report immunizations given to children to public health units.


The Ontario Immunization of School Pupils Act passed this bill last year.

Kathleen Wynneโ€™s government said these rules would reduce unnecessary suspensions from out of date immunization records and make it easier for parents.

It was set to start July 1st but Ford put it on hold in response from complaints from the lobby group of doctors.

Fords spokesperson Simon Jefferies said โ€œThe Ontario Medical Association has raised concerns with the current schedule of integrating immunization records with other health care partners.โ€


โ€œWe took the Ontario Medical Associations feedback into consideration, and took the necessary steps to pause the implementation of reporting changes for immunization.โ€

Dr. Nadia Alam, president of the Ontario Medical Association says there are a lot of redundancies in Ontarioโ€™s immunization reporting system.

Alam says she records vaccines administered into her computer, then bills the province for each shot, then provides copies for the parents, and then pass on copies to the school boards and public health units.

โ€œThe time it takes to fill out all that unnecessary paperwork, is time that I could of spent taking care of patients.โ€ Says Alam.

Other changes made in Fords cabinet meeting included appointing Fords special adviser Rueben Devlin a salary of $348,000. Devlin is the former CEO of Humber River Hospital and ย  will be in charge of the Premiers Council on Improving Healthcare and Ending Hallway Medicine.

With files from Mike Crawley/CBC