(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A REAL Concerning incident unfolded last evening in Northwood which had a witness report to us that two people had likely overdosed, later in the evening.


Our source tells us that they noticed firefighters show up to a scene at a Northwood home, which was near the mall. Upon firefighters arrival, our witness went in for a closer inspection to see what was going on. The following is what our source had witnessed.

Thunder Bay Fire Rescue Firefighters approached a van that was parked in the driveway of a home and were attempting to wake up two people that appeared to be passed out cold.

Moments later, Superior North EMS paramedics and Thunder Bay Police Service officers arrived and deployed to the scene, at this time the two people had just woken up, and were attempting to leave the scene. Paramedics began to question them about what happened, and what they took.

The pair became aggressive, and refused to answer. Thunder Bay Police Service officers started questioning the duo, who denied that they used any drugs. A TBPS officer used their flashlight to illuminate one of the peoples’ arms and noted that there were fresh needle marks before pressing again about which substance they used.


The couple continued to deny any drug use and stated that they were diabetic, and had just taken their insulin.

Police made it clear to the couple that they were not attempting to charge them with anything, but they were concerned for their health and wanted to ensure that they were going to be properly taken care of.

That’s when the woman spoke up, and told police that they had went to McKenzie Street in the van to pickup drugs. After getting the drugs, they returned to their aunt’s house, parked in the driveway, and shot up in the back seat of the van.

40 minutes after their return, their aunt noticed that they had not come into the house yet, and went outside to see what was going on. That’s when she noticed the couple unresponsive in the van. a 911 call was made.

After this was explained by the pair, and the aunt, the woman was assisted onto the stretcher by police and paramedics, when she blurted out to her male counterpart “YOU GOT THE F***ING DRUGS”.

She was then transported to the hospital, and the male refused medical help. The couple had overdosed, but not fatally. Not all overdoses are fatal, but do cause damage.


The couple was overheard stating that they were visiting from a remote northern community.

We never did find out what drug it was, but these peoples lives were saved by our brave first responders.