(THUNDER BAY, ONT) – The deadline to submit nomination papers for Thunder Bay municipal election will be tomorrow, July 27th.


The battle for the mayors seat of Thunder Bay has ten names on the ballot so far.

The ten declared candidates for Mayor of Thunder Bay are Kevin Cernjul, Iain Angus, Jim Gamble, Ronald Chookomolin, Frank Pullia, Ed Hailio, Shane Judge, Bill Mauro, Peter Panetta and Mariann Sawicki.

Larry Hebert has chosen to run for city council once again but is not alone. Hebert is contending with 23 other people for the five at-large seats.

The 23 other people include Diane Armstrong, Frank A. Wazinski, Lawrence Timko, Jim Stadey, Margaret Wanlin, Trevor Giertuga, Stephen Lawrence Margarit, Peng You, Charmaine McCaw, Aldo Ruberto, Marty Rajala, Victor Saari and Norm Staal.


Mark Bentz, former councillor for the Northwood area has also decided to throw his name in the hat for the at-large race.

Andy Wolff and Dick Waddington will try to achieve the Current River ward.

Adrienne Kromm and R.M Zale have put their ballots in for trustees of the Lakehead Public Schools.

For Catholic Board trustees, John Pascuzzo and Tony Pucci have joined the race.

July 27th at 2pm is the deadline for nomination papers. The municipal election will be held October 22nd.