(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ The recent rash of break-ins along the North Hill Street area has hopefully come to a close.


Yesterday Thunder Bay Police Service have made at least 1 arrest pertaining to the string of thefts and break-ins.

According to allegations, the suspects were originally kicked out of the Hillcrest Condos building, after people noticed the group in an area that is still under construction.

Shortly after, it was noticed that a lot of stuff was missing, and that they may have just been victims of a theft. They went outside and noticed one of the suspects walking down a near by street with a bunch of โ€œbelongingsโ€ on him.

It is suspected that the group was breaking into homes while people are at work.


That suspect was tackled by some REAL Concerned Citizens, and held down until police arrived.

Appearing in courtroom 104 by video this morning from the Thunder Bay Police Service Station for bail was Jason Mayer. He was charged with:

  • Break and Enter
  • Possession of stolen property

He has been released with a future court date.



  1. Man thats great news!
    With a little luck, I hope Mr Mayer tried to assault the good Samaritan holding him down.
    But during the struggle, just by chance and purely accidental, he had his head bounced off the pavement 5 times.
    Accidentally though of course.

    1. Only 5 …..should have been more…..thieving pieces are getting really bad…..his group probably have something to do with the marina thefts….high five to awesome concerned citizen!!

  2. This guy ask to use my phone and took money right off my counter !!! He had this big story about about his car broke down Iโ€™m sure know it was all bull shit . I called the police but they told me because I didnโ€™t see him take the money I wasnโ€™t able to charge him . I was home with my young son and baby daughter . I welcomed you into my phone with my children home NEVER AGAIN . Your a low life drit bag .

  3. What the hell is wrong with all these young people. Have they no purpose in life but being asses and turds. My day your parents would have kicked you in the ass for pulling shit like this.

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