(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Out newsdesk is filling up with information and tips about an aggravated assault that unfolded in the 500 block of Cumberland Street North around 9:00 pm this evening.


We have been told that there was a small group of individuals who were consuming alcohol, when one of them became violent.

The man who was being aggressive stood up and became threatening towards the female. Another male stood up and prevented the man from hurting her. In the rustle, the male was alleged to have been stabbed.

Thunder Bay Police Service and Superior North EMS responded to the scene. The injured people went to the hospital and the accused was taken to Hotel Balmoral, where he will face a justice of the peace in the morning.

We are expecting the police media release tomorrow, with hopefully more information.


Stay REAL Comcerned Citizens.



  1. Every single day some scum bag is stabbing up someone.
    Why the cowardice?
    Big tough guys looking to fight, but when they realize their just punks and are getting their asses handed to them, they pull knives.
    I hope one of these clowns get takes on someone who can disarm a person with a knife… and the perp accidentally, without any help, falls on his own blade.
    Not to kill them or anything, but just enough for them to realize that knives suck and they shouldn’t be playing with them.

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