(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ Around 10:00 pm this evening, a south side neighbourhood was pulling together to cope with a significant fire that had filled the air with smoke, and peopleโ€™s minds with worry.


A larger shed had caught fire in the 400 block of East Mary Street this evening scorching the structure and damaging a nearby tree.

Nobody was reported injured in the inferno, at the time we were on location.

REAL Concerned Citizens were gathered along the sidewalk, making sure that the residents were ok.

Dean Carlson from the BS Show was on location, he got a good look at the shed from one angle, and reported that it looked only โ€œslightly damagedโ€ but did note he couldnโ€™t see the opposing side of the shed, where the fire had run its course.


Thunder Bay Fire Rescue, Thunder Bay Police Service, Thunder Bay Hydro, and the Fire Inspector were on scene.

Three Thunder Bay Fire Rescue pumper trucks were on scene.

It was overheard that an accelerant(s) may have been involved.

Main photo credit: Allair Nolin

You could see the smoke in the air from several blocks away.