(ONTARIO) โ€“ย Ontarioโ€™s Government for the People is acting to reduce the cost of natural gas for Ontario families and businesses, Premier Doug Ford announced today.


This is part of the Ford Governmentโ€™s overall commitment to put more money in peopleโ€™s pockets and deliver immediate tax relief for lower and middle class families.

โ€œYour government is committed to giving real relief to people all across Ontario, and helping small businesses and job creators like Troyโ€™s Diner,โ€ said Ford. โ€œReducing energy costs and making them more transparent is a key part of this promise. By removing the carbon tax from natural gas bills, weโ€™re saving families about $80 a year and small businesses about $285 a year. Promise made, promise kept.โ€

The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) has been notified to take immediate steps to remove the cost of the carbon tax from natural gas rates by October 1, 2018. Greg Rickford, Minister of Energy, Northern Development and Mines, wrote to the OEB outlining the governmentโ€™s expectations that natural gas utilities remove the cost for consumers, and ensure any over-collection of the carbon tax is refunded back to hardworking Ontario families and businesses.

โ€œEliminating the carbon tax will provide real relief to lower and middle class families and Ontario businesses,โ€ said Minister Rickford. โ€œThis government remains committed to making life more affordable for all Ontarians.โ€


The orderly wind down of the carbon tax is a key step towards fulfilling the governmentโ€™s commitment to put more money in peopleโ€™s pockets and to give real tax relief to lower and middle class families. Eliminating the carbon tax removes a burden from Ontario businesses, allowing them to grow, create jobs and compete around the world.

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Source: Government of Ontario



  1. Its a federal initiative. They let the provinces come up with their own programs. Doug cancels Ontario’s “plan”, then the feds will roll out a carbon tax anyhow. We are not off the hook, this is just a ‘make Doug look good’ move.

    1. It does make Doug look good. Hes actually doing what he said he would do at a pace never before seen in Ontario’s provincial government.

      You can bet if he had raised our costs the media and its liberal loving supporters would be whining to new heights (even for them).

      Instead this shows exactly where the problems lie, and that’s with a current federal Liberal government. One that cares not about the actual people it pretends to represent, but just seeks to serve itself.

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