(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ A very concerning event has unfolded at a south side riverside park this evening.


A REAL Concerned Citizen has informed us that they were at the Kam River Park and noticed a water rescue in progress.

Thunder Bay Fire Rescue arrived on scene to rescue a person from the water and had to also respond to a person overdosing on drugs.

Superior North EMS was also on location, assisting the victims.

Thunder Bay Police Service were also on scene investigating the situation.


The person was recovered from the water was ok and alive. The overdoser was sent to hospital, and it is unknown if they will make a full recovery.



  1. Hey Ki, how much should we wager on the ethnicity? If I’m wrong, I’ll never comment on this site again.


    1. Everyone knows your right lol.
      I just had to read the headline and knew you were right.
      Thereโ€™s only one type of group that parties at water ways.

      The question is, what can be done about it if this group doesnโ€™t want to help themselves.

    2. Anonymous,
      you can call me sick – but I’m a realist. I would also like you to fully explain to me why you think I’m sick! Everything I’ve stated on this site is FACT. I’ve made nothing up. If you’re calling me sick, there must be just cause in your eyes why I am. Please explain them to me please. Maybe you’re right and I’m wrong but I need you to explain to me how I am wrong. PLEASE.
      Also, I can assure you, the only name I use here is Bubba.

    1. Yeah, that will get you far… just hate the messenger. Get mad at the person that points out the obvious but you are too blinded by lies to see it.

      Its almost comical watching these idiots outraged by reality.

  2. I’ll pray for the city of Thunder Bay and the family’s who get hurt! Hopefully no one else feels the pain they feel.. Canada is a free and I courage people to speak there minds just come back and read what you said in ten years and see who much you’ve changed!! we grow ever day!! Perspective!!! Right!!

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