(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Four overdoses have been reported to TRCCTB.COM over the past 24 hours.


One was at the Landmark, which happened over night last night.

The victim was sent to hospital after naloxone was adminisfered and is believed to be making a full recovery.

The second overdose was reported to have occurred at a Finalsyson street drug house. The victim had two shots of naloxone administered.

Emergency services were not called for this person as the gang members running the house demanded them not to be called.


The person survived.

The third overdose occurred at the same drug house on Finalyson. Naloxone was administered and yet again no emergency services were called under the order of the thug running the home.

The fourth overdose occurred in Academy, and emergency services were called.

The victim was said to have been sent to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre for further monitoring.

Police are holding the scene.

If you or someone you know uses drugs, please carry a naloxone kit with you, it could save a life.


Naloxone only temporarily reverses an opiate overdose. Please always be sure to seek professional medical attention after an overdose.

Most importantly, always call 911 when someone overodoses, their life is more important than whatever illegal crap you got going on.

It is time to admit Thunder Bay has a huge drug overdose issue. Supervised injection sites are a small beginning to help battle the issue. Social services such as counseling and drug education need to be ramped up.

Several addicts have come to me asking for help, they tell me that wait times to get into rehab centres are often months and months down the line.

Why are more rehab centres being built locally? Why is our detox centre so small? And often full to capacity.

Hopeful politicians running for office this election, please address these issues.


14 Replies to “FOUR OVERDOSES IN 24 HOURS”

  1. Wow….no wonder people who are seriously ill with diseases can’t get in to see a doctor through emergency or we have to wait over 7 hrs. Between kids having babies and drug overdoses of all ages because of stupidity and probably collecting unemployment or welfare, our medical services for hard working people who are losing money from their pay cheques to support these idiots, our government needs to wake up and do something!!!! Why are the drug houses still available to the dealers…..WTF is happening to our country!!

    1. People having babies wth does that have to do with wait times you are not a very smart person women having babies do this in a separate part of the hospital and your statement about welfare are you for real or what when majority of these kids and adults that od come from wealthy families I sense you are a racist bigot and for this your comments hold absolutely no merit maybe you need to update your reasonings and information and get the facts before making assumptions

    2. No kidding that they are a huge drain on the medical system, cause Resources to attend to those who chose this lifestyle with the inevitable that sooner or later they will be off the books. So sad but choices are choices and if you start the drugs will finish

  2. Between patrolling the rivers , bridges and other places these people (and I use that term loosely) frequent the cops have enough on their plate to deal with . Add in the jails that have no vacancy , Judges that have no where to incarcerate them and leaders from the city , provincial and federal governments that are too politically correct to call it like it is , this city is turning into a Detroit slum .

  3. Yup live by the sword and die by it.
    Just too bad they drain those who are in need of no fault care. 😑

  4. I agree! Why don’t the cops make a bust on Finlayson street already! Wtf are they waiting for?

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