(OPINION) – A major principle of Media/news outlets is to take not only elected officials but other agencies to task on the ongoings in the community.


With all the homicides, gang activity and drugs running rampant in our city, why haven’t any local news outlets taken our acting chief to task on these subjects?

Why are people hearing details about this stuff from a fat disabled cement finisher with a website and not the mainstream media?

Why did the director of communications at TBPS leave out the fact that a macs clerk got their throat slit?

Why is he also leaving out that the woman who crashed on Walsh and Brown today, suffered a massive heart attack and had to be revived twice by first responders?


Why is the hard work of our frontline police officers and paramedics not being shown to the citizens?

Why is information being withheld from the public?

What exactly does the director of communications at TBPS do to earn about $130,000 a year?

Why hasn’t our acting chief of police addressed the public about the recent homicides and drug busts?

Is it acceptable to keep the public in the dark?

When I attempted to fill in the gaping holes in the director’s media release regarding the collision on Walsh and Brown today, my comments were deleted.


More to come soon.



  1. simple, they don’t want people to panic….blind sheep are quiet sheep. Hey..comments on the webmaster not cool, he is doing a great service here, have a little respect.

  2. Pino i just saw your last post on lack of communications and checked out this chris adams guy on bing under thunder bay police communications and i just cant believe that this guy with all his education in media can’t report what the hell is going in our city and i as a grandfather worry when our grand kids are going to school are they are going to return home safely when this crazy stuff is happening in our once safe city and as a side note who cares if a person who reports the true news is a fat cement finisher or any other we need to know in this community. Thank you for doing what you do sir we need more like you and maybe teach a few courses in proper true journalism. Truth Rules keep up the good work you are not being unoticed

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