(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ Today at the Thunder Bay Courthouse, the preliminary hearing begins regarding the murder charge thatโ€™s been laid against Brayden Bushby.


Bushby is accused of murdering Barbara Kentner, when he allegedly threw a trailer hitch out the window of a passing vehicle and struck Kenter, who was walking by at the time.

The evidence said in court today is under a publication ban, but the public is welcome to come and sit in if they want to hear all the evidence presented.

Sources have indicated that Kentner did not seek out immediate medical attention, possibly due to her being released on bail conditions which she may have been violating during her walk.

The big question being asked amongst citizens is if someone jumps off a 10 storey building, and someone shoots them in the stomach from the 5th floor window as they are falling, and they hit the ground, is it murder? Or manslaughter?


Sure she would have died anyway, but the bullet hole did not help, and possibly did accelerate the persons death.

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  1. Out for a walk? She was hooking, especially dirty considering she had full blown AIDS, which ultimately killed her.

    1. Your a idiot , even if she was was a sex trade worker is that reason to be hit with a trailer hitch ? In your demented fairy tale world maybe , no where else . Too bad your a gutless keyboard warrior, why else donโ€™t you sign your name eh โ€œ guestโ€

    2. sex trade worker?? That’s called being a HOOKER. Don’t try to change the language to make yourself feel better about prostitution. That only makes you look stupid there Peter Manduca.

      She didn’t die because of the trailer hitch despite all your whining.

    3. She didnโ€™t have full blown aids so I donโ€™t know where your getting your information from but me and her were not just going for a walk we were on our way to check up my on my son , so before you start to say this about her ask someone of the family first and donโ€™t be quick to say she has aids

  2. kid is not a good person at all, prior to all this he was caught stealing light bars off peoples vehicles around town, and i myself have been ripped off by him (vehicle sale), kid needs mental help…. hopefully this shit straightens him out. never thought he’d do something this dumb though..

    1. That “kid” is a psychopath. And all these white supremacist POS defending him and gaslighting and spreading lies about the victim are just as evil and amoral.

  3. She would’ve still been alive though if that guy didn’t throw the trailer hitch at her. After he throw the trailer hitch at her she died slowly, it was his actions that cause her to have a slow death. She suffered, a family suffered. She deserves justice.

    1. How do you know she would still be alive? Are you capable of other super human powers too? Perhaps you can give us the winning lottery numbers, pretty please? With a trailer hitch on top?

      In order to deserve justice you have to live a just life. Nobody deserves anything, its only what you work for that counts.

  4. I predict right now that this guy is NOT GUILTY. The whole charge was ridiculous which was a gift to the defendant as the Crown wont get anywhere. This is a “show” charge laid to appease the whiney element of society that thinks hes guilty because hes a white man.

    He will be forced to pay for his legal defense at an enormous cost and the ultimate result will be ‘abuse by process’. That means they will cause him all the grief of defending himself and hope he doesn’t do bad things again.

    The problem is the perpetual victimhood industry will whine and cry to everybody they can. It will be similar to the case in Alberta where the thug got shot trying to rob a farmer. They tried to turn it into a racial matter, even more so after he was absolved of the charges. The facebook crybabies will get their keyboards covered in false tears in this case and that’s all that will happen.

    Of course I could be wrong.

    1. What is the point of that comment other than to show all of us how stupid you must be?

      Id recommend before displaying your irrationality any more you take a moment and see just exactly who is disrespectful and awful. You may be surprised to see its you, or maybe you wont be surprised at all?

  5. Whatever she was doing is irrelevant. Her character is irrelevant. Her medical conditions are irrelevant. Throwing a trailer hitch at someone and causing injuries severe enough to cause someone to die or accelerate their death is inexcusable and against the law. All other factors are irrelevant. Educate yourselves on the law and learn some compassion before victim blaming. Do not minimize what Brayden Bushby has done. Have some respect and look at yourself before judging the lifestyle of others.

    1. youre correct there for the most parts however you get lost when you jump to the conclusion that the injury accelerated the death.

      the injury may have complicated the already present AIDS problem however like was said.. if you shoot someone while they are falling from the 10th story of a building are you guilty of 2nd degree murder?

      Nope. George Joseph is going to have a cake walk dismantling the crown’s case. It was a dumb charge and was as said, only laid to placate the whiners you see evident here. Its a shame how our justice system has been manipulated by political correctness, race baiters, and general losers.

    1. Um, can you point out for me where it said it’s OK to kill an Native person! You’re the first to mention the ethnicity.
      Are you trying to instigate something? hmmmmmmmmm???!!!

  6. So sad the comments, personally I think that all who were in the car should have had accomplice charges.
    Instant karma to all who deserve it.

    1. WALTER: The only thing that agree with is that itโ€™s a ridiculous charge!
      It should have been manslughter. Of course this person will get off on the murder charge, thatโ€™s why they charged him with it. They donโ€™t want him in jail. Heโ€™s not the right color, if you want to go there. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. another Colten Boushie drama coming soon . let the poor kid go and live his life ,i’m sure the hate mongers scared the crap out of him.

  8. I still can’t figure out whats wrong with some people’s heads. Wow! Pretty sure alot of people are adicted to alot of drugs and alot of people have medical issues. No one should have done to them what was done to her because of her skin color or what some people seem to think her value of life was. Who’s to say she didn’t get her self help and lived a long life? It’s just sad that some people r so sick. Maybe this kid like most teens was just looking to fit in and feel like he belonged to something. Sad real sad that people can seem to understand that barbs medical conditions have nothing to do with anything. That’s like saying it’s ok to go chuck real heavy stuff at all people who r in that shape. Naturally with any medical condition an assult like that would make things far worse.

  9. Iโ€™m just going to clear up the confusion.

    What Iโ€™m trying to convey in the article is that a murder charge is going to be tough to get a conviction. A manslaughter charge would been undefeatable.

    Brayden Bushby deserves jail time, thereโ€™s no doubt about that.

    I worry he may walk a free man. I say in and listening to some of the evidence presented this week at the preliminary hearing, so I can say I do know more than the average person, and also I knew a lot of this before the prelimary hearing as members from both the Kentner family and the Bushby family have reached out to me and told me what was going on.

    Not everything is racist, try to think past that.

    1. As a lot of info came out before he was charged it seemed to me that the crown made a very stupid move going for murder 2.

      He will walk free but have had to fight for the ability to do so. Did he do something terribly stupid? You bet he did. Im sure he would take it all back if he could.

      Manslaughter would have been a pretty easy conviction just by the definition of it. The only other angle here I could see would be if they somehow plea bargain it back down to manslaughter from murder 2, but is it too late to do that?

  10. Jason you say “if you shoot someone while they are falling from the 10th story of a building are you guilty of 2nd degree murder?”. This is a bad argument. Yes it is murder if you kill someone, regardless of what they are doing (unless it’s self defense). She didn’t jump off a building and her medical conditions are irrelevant. A better parallel is this: If John Doe is diagnosed with terminal cancer and has one day to live and someone kills him, is the killer still guilty of murder? Absolutely yes. Don’t forget that we’re dealing with a race issue. Brayden is a well known racist and this attack was targeted. Also, if you followed this case or had common sense you would know that a trailer hitch thrown from a moving vehicle can kill anyone. Also, people need to stop drawing parallels with the Colton Boushie case. This is completely different. Barbara was walking on a public street and we know she was targeted for being indigenous.. Colton was on private property and there was evidence to show he was involved in criminal activity. Even if Barbara was violating a possible probation order…that’s irrelevant…she was doing something any civilian is expected to do…walk down a street safely.

    1. There is something called “continuity of care” in which was highly lacking from Barbara. She waited 10 hours or more to goto the hospital after the incident happened.

      Also, she was told she needed a new liver but did not stop abusing substances so that transplant would happen.

      There are many contributing factors to her death, the trailer hitch being one, but not the cause of her death.

      That’s just from what I’ve pieced together.

    2. yes it is murder IF YOU KILL SOMEONE.

      He didn’t kill her. Her lifestyle did.

      that’s where your argument falls off the rails.

      also, stop bringing up race. It has nothing to do with this. You people only bring up race because you want to use it to try and skew emotions thinking that somehow will bolster your argument.

      there is no evidence or proof of this being a racial matter, and even if there was it still has ZERO bearing on the case and the facts.

      Hes going to walk with either the plea bargain of aggravated assault, manslaughter, or George Joseph and Green make a mockery out of the Crown. George is an ex Crown from out west. He knows what hes doing.

  11. It contributed to her death. People Live long lives with HIV . She didnโ€™t have aids, she had HIV.
    I really wish the crown went with manslaughter instead of the second degree murder. I have a feeling something is not right there. They know they wonโ€™t get the murder charge and that was probably the crowns intentions. They donโ€™t want to put him in jail. He will walk, just watch and see ๐Ÿ‘ฆ๐Ÿผ

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