(KENORA, ON) โ€“ย Appearing in courtroom 104 this morning in the Thunder Bay Courthouse by audio from the Kenora detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police is 49-year-old Norman Hatfield.


His Worship, Justice of the Peace Bruce Leaman is presiding, along with Crown Attorney Misbah Haque and duty counsel lawyer Arturo Acosta.

Hatfield was arrested on the strength of an arrest warrant for breaching his probation on September 12th. This warrant was issued on September 13th.

On September 15th,ย Hatfield was arrested and found to be in possession of the dangerous opioid drug โ€œHydromorphoneโ€, which is typically prescribed for severe pain and end of life care.

The Crown indicates that this is a Crown onus situation, which means the Crown would have to show the courts why Hatfield should be detained in custody.


Furthermore, the Crown states that he is opposed to the release of Hatfield, and states there are concerns on two grounds, the primary and secondary.

The primary ground concerns tell us that the crown believes the likelihoodย of the accused to show up to court is substantially low. The secondary ground concerns suggest that the crown believes the likelihoodย of the accused to re-offend or become a public safety concern is high.

The Crown substantiates his concerns on both grounds by highlighting the fact that the accused has accumulated pages and pages of criminal convictions which include failing to appear for court, breaching bail conditions, failing to comply with probation, drug trafficking, simple drug possession and more.

Duty counsel requests the matter be remanded to tomorrow in Kenora.

His Worship Leaman, orders Hatfield remanded into custody to await his court date tomorrow. Hatfield is sent back to his cell at the Kenora OPP detachment to await prisoner transport to the Kenora District Jail, where he will spend at least the night.



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