(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A group of citizens from FWFN and Thunder Bay have gathered at the James Street Swing Bridge.


The group wants bridge access restored to Fort William First Nation.

The rally was held today, and saw Chief Peter Collins, FWFN CEO Ken Ogima and a representative from a company that manufactures and builds Bailey style bridges.

Below is the video:


Posted by Frank Scarcello on Tuesday, September 18, 2018


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  1. I travel Hwy 61 everyday. PLEASE, someone get that Bridge opened! The majority of the people that drive 61 and turn onto Chippewa Road have no clue the speed limit is 90kms. Nor do they realise when they turn onto Chippewa road they should get into the designated turning lane. While I’m at it, why do you guys not understand how a merge lane works going onto 61 from Chippewa Road? You DON’T go as slow as possible waiting to merge. Give it some gas, we’ll let you in. It’s you slow guys that cause the issue over there. Hence the reason we DON’T let you in.

    Go ahead, start the bashing!

    1. You’re 100% correct about the clowns that don’t know how to drive. Wow almost every single vehicle that turns onto 61 leaving the rez does not accelerate at any reasonable speed. Most of them are driving crap vehicles and the windows are covered in nicotine and have never been cleaned once since the car was bought.

      However.. I want the bridge to stay closed. Theres no reason for the city to force this issue. Why does the bridge need to be open? So a bunch of people can dodge paying city taxes? Now, don’t get me wrong, Im all for dodging taxes, but think what an insult that is to businesses that operate in this city and pay crazy Tbay business taxes…. they get to see city council spending those taxes fighting to keep the bridge open?

      Also, someone needs to tell FWFN to shut the hell up! This bridge is on city property. The reserve property does not begin til the other side of city RD. This is NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS!!!. Hey Peter Collins… shut your smoke hole and mind your own business!!

      DO the people of Thunder Bay go over there and tell them how to deal with their internal affairs? NO. So Peter, if you want to cross the Kam River, build yourself a canoe and start paddling because we aren’t buying you a bridge.

  2. Maybe they should have used the hundreds of millions of dollars they have received over the past few years to fund it. Or just take an extra 5min and go around

    1. maybe you should give me some more taxpayer money so i can parade around and laugh at you. First off the money given had nothing to do with anything. that’s the peoples money for renting out land. why don’t you show your face so we know who were banging out next.

    2. @ taxmoneytaker (face palm).
      You’re title sure is helping your cause. NOT.
      As far as I’m concerned, you’re like the little whiny fat kid in kindergarten that cried every time someone else got the bigger piece of fruit. Nobody liked that kid.

  3. FWFN should take civil action against the railway corporation and sue their asses, for all the lost income and problems the rail corp.’s lack of action has caused.

    1. FWFN has no business discussing this matter. The bridge is solely on City of Tbay property. It links city property to city property. It has nothing to do with FWFN except they want to whine and cry about it.

      They cried it was costing them money in lost revenue, well, too bad,. Changes in roadways affect businesses all the time, Look at all the nonsense happening with the city over this designated truck route.. the rerouting of traffic is something that happens and businesses either adapt or collapse. I don’t need my tax dollars supporting FWFN business welfare, they already get enough.

  4. Trains are able to continue to go over this bridge yet cars can’t. If all three parties worked together and heard each other out then they could probably find a solution. It might cost a lot for each party but dragging this out in court will eventually cost just as much.

    1. I thought the bridge wasn’t safe. Goes to show you how much I know. πŸ€ͺ
      Why don’t they let both use the bridge?

    2. Trains travel INSIDE the bridge structure. The vehicles travel OUTSIDE the box beam construction. Look up at the pictures. Notice where the train tracks are in relation to the main structure? Notice where the vehicles/roadways are located?

      Put 50 lbs on the back and its easy to hold. Now put it in your hands and stretch out your arms.

      Now you know why trains can still cross and cars cant. The bridge has broken arms.

      CN offered to let cars share the path where the trains travel. The city stomped their feet and cried “foul”, well, look where that got them… nowhere.

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