(THUNDER BAY, ON) -This morning in a Thunder Bay bail court saw a 35-year-old Winston Paypompee appear before Justice of the Peace Logan.


Crown Attorney Misbah Haque Along with Defense lawyer David Young were also in court.

Paypompee is facing allegations of assaulting a woman and stealing some items from her. His charges before the court today are:

  • Assault
  • Theft under $5000

The Crown is not consenting to Paypompeeโ€™s release, and indicates that although he doesnโ€™t have much of a criminal record, that he would need victim input before he could consent to releasing the accused.

Paypompee has an assault from 2006 on his criminal record, which is a similar charge to one of the charges he faces today.


It is heard in court that Paypompee has ties to Fort Frances.

Defense lawyer David Young requests a remand until Friday in order to address the matter.

Paypompee is ordered by the Justice of the Peace to remain in custody until his Friday court date.

Paypompee is escorted back to his cell, to await prisoner transport to the Thunder Bay District Jail, where he will spend at least a few days.