(THUNDER BAY, ON) – The Ontario Nurses Association has declared a strike.


On Monday, October 15, negotiations for a collective agreement between the TBDHU and its public health nurses (members of the Ontario Nurses’ Association – ONA) took place. ONA members rejected the Health Unit’s final contract offer and walked off the job this morning, Tuesday, October 16.

Strikers at the picket line tell us that they are the lowest paid health unit in Ontario, and just want to be paid on par with other health units. They say they do the same work but get paid less.

As the public health nurses go on strike, that means that some of the Thunder Bay District Health Unit’s programs and services will be suspended or altered.

The TBDHU says that some delays in services can be expected, but the following programs and services are on hold until further notice:

  • Nurse practitioner clinics
  • Street Nursing
  • Immunization and travel health clinics
  • Breastfeeding clinics
  • Prenatal classes
  • Parenting sessions, workshops and events
  • Healthy Babies Healthy Children program
  • Flu clinics
  • Some School Health programming (includes classroom presentations and curriculum support)
  • Workplace Health program
  • Dental hygiene clinics for low-risk children
  • Take Control Smoking Cessation clinics
  • Branch Office Nursing services

The Sexual Health Clinics, although operating, will be limited in capacity and you can expect service delays.



  1. Lol,

    and none of those programs will be missed by the taxpayers in this city. Perhaps some of the freeloaders might miss them if they sober up enough to do so?

    Its clearer now to all of us how little importance these “jobs” are.

    1. A majority of these programs effect kids. I dont care if your mother is a crack whore, you didnt ask to be born. So, as a taxpayer of this city, I am sad to see programs that some children depend on are on hold. I 100% support the nurses at the Health Unit and hope they get what they deserve!

    2. Jessica, if you’re so sad about the programs being on hold as you say… then why are you supporting the nurses 100%?

      That kinda seems a little self destructive to me. Perhaps you need more help than a nurse can provide? At least that’s the way it looks from my seat.

      tsk tsk.

  2. This post makes me sick. It’s not only the “junkies” that benefit from the programs that are offered through the health unit!. Myself, a Registered Practical Nurse & a taxpayer uses many of the programs offered because I am unable to work full-time and receive full benefits because MY kids come FIRST. So their health comes first as well so programs like this available for the public are needed!!
    Think before you type bud, you’re disgusting.

    1. So you need to leech off others? Cool.

      Too bad youre disgusted because theres others that are disgusted with you.

    2. You claim to be an RPN, but refuse to work full time because of your kids…. so you want others to pay for you so you can work less to be with your kids? Im glad you’re spending time with your kids, that’s more important than any career BUT… that’s your decision. If you are turning down work form whatever reason you should not expect to freeload your way through life. Why should the taxpayers fund your choice of refusal to work?

      Heres something to think about… you created them, now you can pay for them. but you better use your own money, not everybody else’s.

  3. i see alot of programs on there that have nothing to do with “junkies” as you say, more so to do with children? why is it leaching off others for her to care about her children? they make programs like this to keep people and children healthy,
    you guys arent right in the head, we need programs like this in the communitie, since being on thus site i have seen that “walter” is nothing more than a shit disturber who does nothing but b**ch and whine about anything that he can, people like you are disgrace to this communitie and are the ones that are not needed, not programs like this that help our children and elderly and people who cannot afford it, witch is i would say like 75% of people nowadays, its not like there is an abundance of high paying jobs in this town.
    i hope you choke on your words next time you have the urge to b**ch and whine about anything walter.. have a great day my friend, (nothing more than an internet hero)!!

    1. aww, you hurt my feelings. Im sensitive you know?!!

      I love that some nurse decided to chime in and create such a thoughtful and insightful nick name. The only way to justify themselves is to prop themselves up. Desperately seeking some self-importance to coddle their emotions.

      but to my pleasure… [/Sally Field] You like me!! you really really like me!! lol.

    2. Who said “junkies” by the way? Looks like you did there Ms. Internet Hero. Why don’t you go make the men some coffee or do some laundry and let the men speak?? OK?

      Bubba… yup, the entitled, delicate, special widdle snowflakes are flying high… the best thing about snowflakes is watching them hit the ground. I love it!

  4. pino ban this internet hero walter from the site, he does nothing more than instigate trouble and racism.
    would love to meet him in person and teach him the lesson he deserves!!

    1. Ok, meet me at 1200 Balmoral. Lets see who learns what lesson. HAHA!!!

      Wow, how can I ever withstand such tough people? Im so terrified!

      Now you know why the nurses will get no sympathy, its because of losers like R. Charles. If they don’t get their way they want to get physical.

      That’s OK R. Charles. If you want to fight me, that’s cool but I prefer not to hit women. Better bring a surrogate.

  5. im not a nurse, Just another person who follows the news on this site and see’s just how rediculous you are…
    you are seriously nothing more than an internet hero, one of those p**sy’s that is all tough guy behind a keyboard and thats all…. have a great day you rediculous f**k tard!!

    1. you are seriously nothing more than an internet hero, one of those p**sy’s that is all tough guy behind a keyboard and thats all…

      Hey “sick of your sh*t walter” I think you have confused R. Charles “would love to meet him in person and teach him the lesson he deserves!! for Walter. haha

  6. I support these nurses I love the healthy babies program and the breastfeeding program I also have my daughter getting her teeth done here and I’m sorry I am no junkie I am a psw I work full time and care for my child not every person in this world is a junkie who goes to a health unit also this affects people at northwest health clinic where they don’t have doctors but nurses doing a doctor’s job

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