(OPINION) –Thunder Bay City Council has until Jan 22, 2019 to opt out of Cannabis sales. Do you know how your soon to be elected official is planning on voting?  I doubt it.  No one campaigning has made this important issue part of their platform.  What’s just as disturbing, is that no media news outlet television, radio, internet or newspaper has even asked the question. 


Why is that?  The next 3 months does not give the city a chance to hold a plebiscite, and who in their right mind would support that anyway since that venture would cost a quarter million dollars and we could get the same answer right now for free, if we only knew how those running were planning on voting.  Isn’t that the transparent thing to do?  Aren’t most politicians including in their platforms, the fact they will support greater transparency?  Well, isn’t this a good place to start? 

Do media outlets not ask these tough questions because they are afraid that these individuals will stop granting them interviews in the future?  What have they all turned into?  Have they stopped reporting the news, in favour of providing high profile people a platform for self promotion?  Ask the question. If media doesn’t get an answer to a tough question, they should be reporting that the individual refused to comment. But don’t stop asking the question.

I suggest you email the candidates in your ward, at large and running for mayor, and ask them what their position is on private retailers selling pot in the City of Thunder Bay come next April. 

Odds are, they won’t give you an answer. They’ll say its a provincial matter, or a federal matter, or that they think it would be best for a new council to decide on that, or some other lame excuse on why they don’t take a stance right now. The fact is, it will most definitely be their decision. 



Markham, Richmond Hill, Oakville have already opted out of Cannabis sales. The list is growing. 

Thunder Bay Candidates are afraid they might eliminate themselves from winning their seat, if they say No or Yes to cannabis sales in advance of an election.  If you ask me, that sounds rather self serving doesn’t it?  Aren’t they running to serve the people?

Whether you are personally for or against cannabis sales (smoked or edible) let’s start off on the right foot this time round, and make your elected official be transparent, and serve the people.  Ask the question. Get an answer.  Every single one has a position on this, but they are choosing to keep it to themselves.  Let them know, if they refuse to provide their position, you’ll vote for the first person who does. 

– Ryan Freyen – Citizen of Thunder Bay