(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ย Thunder Bayโ€™s gas prices have been pretty stagnant over the last month or so, with the odd dip and odd rise, but pretty much staying relatively the same.


The rest of the province has enjoyed declining gas prices, some places going as low as 97 cents per litre as of today.

Thunder Bayโ€™s Red River Road and by extension Dawson Road has the highest prices in town for the much-needed petroleum, hitting $1.466.

The rest of the city is pretty much sitting at 1.399, a whopping 7 cents difference. What is making this strip so expensive?

Meanwhile, over in Fort William First Nation, good ole THP has gas at $1.13.


Letโ€™s hope that the rest of the city doesnโ€™t bump up to $1.466 and that the Red River/Dawson area drops to $1.399. Reports from multiple agencies have said that the gasoline supply has been decreasing recently, which could cause a spike in gas prices.



  1. What can a person do ? The stations in town dont set the price locally, its set by corporate to meet whatever the market will bear. Complaining to MP/MPPs does nothing but move some hot air around.
    If you want to be part of the solution then the only things you can do is use less (impractical for most , especially here in the north) or promote the lowest prices you can find. That means driving to FWFN or even USA , or at the very least the lowest price in your neighbourhood.
    If you want to be part of the problem, then just ignore it all and keep filling up wherever you like to. Oh and dont blame it on “points” plans, what are they worth in actual money.. maybe 1/2 a cent per litre ? Go for the cheaper gas.

    1. Gas is cheaper in nipigon. Doesn’t Thunder Bay supply nipigon? Wake up Thunder Bay. You’re getting totally hosed at the pump for months!!!

  2. I was just in Orillia and the prices were 1.11 a litre. even White river has better prices than we do and we have a regional fuel depot here. There’s no excuses, we a being bent over and our accounts are being ‘serviced’ with a smile.

    1. Careful with the extra cans. Legally you’re only entitled to one. If memory serves correct, it can only be a max of 5 Canadian gallons.

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