(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Rumours floating around the 288 Windsor Street complex are that housing has been evicting anyone with suspected drug trafficking activity going on in the neighbourhood.


Sadly, the wake of the rampant drug dealing has left numerous tenants still battling addiction issues, which may follow them for the remainder of their lives.

Today, Superior North EMS, Thunder Bay Fire Rescue, and the Thunder Bay Police Service responded to back to back calls regarding drug overdoses, which were about 2 units apart from each other.

One call had a man in pre-cardiac arrest. He was taken to hospital for further monitoring.

The second call resulted in a person being revived and treated on scene but did not get taken to hospital for further monitoring. This is likely due to the person refusing medical care and being coherent enough to make that valid.


If you or someone you know is using drugs, please ask your pharmacist about how you can obtain a free Naloxone kit, the opiate overdose reversal drug. Naloxone only temporarily reverses an overdose and does not always work.



    1. @ Eve. First off, STOP YELLING!
      Second, when I have to pay for their choices as a tax payer, that’s where I draw the line.

    1. I feel bad for the people who have no choice but to be their neighbors and yes especially the children. There has been too many incidents at this Windsor place. I’m sure the good residents don’t feel safe.

  1. Jesus pretty close to NO DADDY ROW. Look the term up. That neighbourhood is nothing but drunks, bums and gang activities. Feel sorry for all the good folk around there. Why do people still keep taking those kinds of poisons. If they do not learn I guess nature takes care of them. Sad.

    1. Me again. It’s, “No Daddy Drive.” Get your facts straight. So if you look up, you wrote, “THEIR CHOICES.” All of a sudden with this comment you do a 180. WTF?

    2. People keep taking the poisons cause it’s available. Who’s enabling here and EVe don’t bash the the children who don’t have daddy’s. that’s sad.

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