(THUNDER BAY, ON) – An early morning collision has slowed traffic down at a busy intersection this morning.


The collision happened sometime after 7:30 am and has resulted in a SUV being flipped onto its side.

A witness says they believe that Thunder Bay Fire Rescue smashed a window out and are possibly using the “jaws of life” to extract person/people from the SUV.

The collision involved two vehicles, the SUV and a small car. The scene unfolded at the intersection of Balmoral & Alloy.

City police and Superior North EMS are also on scene. The southbound lanes of Balmoral were closed, and are possibly still closed.


Please avoid the area if possible, and try to leave early enough to have enough time to reach your destination without going through the area.

It is important to reduce traffic around collisions so that first responders can focus on their job instead of passers by staring at the situation.



  1. Hows that speeding ,distracted driving,lane switching lanes and all around stupid driving working out is what we think every time we see one one of these ridiculous collisions.Leav 5 min. earlier and leave that required distance between vehicals so u can take evasive action when some ignoramus that thinks being first is important.Its much better to arrive 5 min latr then NOT AT ALL. Remember the life u save mite be YOUROWN!

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