(THUJDER BAY, ON) – We have received information that is telling us that there is a riot happening at the Thunder Bay District Jail.


A fire alarm went off at the building earlier, which was part of the riot. Smoke was seen billowing out of a jail window.

An inmate on inmate assault occurred, and fires were set in that range.

One prisoner was seen leaving the jail by ambulance earlier.

Police are attending on scene and working with corrections officers to sort out the situation.


Thunder Bay Fire Rescue was also on scene.

An ambulance is also seen standing by, waiting for possible injuries.

Many prisoners have told TRCCTB in the past that they sleep 3-4 people per cell very frequently. The cells are only built for a top bunk and a bottom bunk. Jail staff then put a mattress on the floor to accommodate the over population of inmates.

We have been told that inmates in a refused a lock-down order and started lighting fires while an assault took place.

A crisis negotiation team responded to the jail and brought everything under control.

This is a developing story and we will update you as soon as we can.


*** UPDATE @ 5:00 pm: The situation at the DJ is reportedly coming back under control. Extra corrections officers were called in.



    1. @ just saying. Sounds like you’ve been a guest there at one point in your life. Are you the soap dropper type?

  1. If they didn’t do thier crime they wouldent be locked up each and everyone of them put them selfs were they are they have no one to blaim but them selfs

  2. I totally agree. They came to gail for correction rather than rehabilitation. They should be taught sth. to change their wrong/criminal behaviour.

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