(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ย The Thunder Bay Police Service will deploy six Body Worn Cameras as part of a pilot project on Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2018.


The TBPS wishes to inform those who live in Thunder Bay and the surrounding areas that their interactions with our officers may or may not be recorded.


At this time it is a limited and temporary deployment of BWC.

These cameras are being assessed as part of a pilot project; the purpose of which is to support police operations and protect the public.

This pilot project, which is set to conclude Feb. 28, 2019, will allow the TBPS to assess the functionality of these devices in an operational environment.

Source: TBPS

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  1. Will the Director of Communications be posting any of these recordings for the public to see?
    I would think not but it would make a great TV show.

  2. I bet the footage they capture would make a great follow up to the cult Canadian cop show “Under Arrest”. I wonder if the TBPD has ever been approached by any television producers to make something like that, it would make great TV and might give our cops some more funding to further combat our rising criminal problem.

  3. I think body cams should be mandatory for all police. When it comes down to accusations, the video will protect either the police or the person the police are dealing with, instead of having a he said, she said situation. When going to court, the video puts the judge and jury at the scene. The camera never lies.

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