(BIG ISLAND FIRST NATION, ON) โ€“ Bradley Kirkrude Jr. has not been seen since at least Monday, October 8th, 2018 around 3:00 am. The manโ€™s family and friends are growing more and more concerned as time passes.


It has now been over 1.5 months that Kirkrude Jr. has not been seen or heard from. He has been the subject of a missing person report for quite some time now.


We have been told by a very reliable source that some of Kirkrudeโ€™s personal items have been located since he was reported missing. The items found were his hat and one of his shoes.

The items are believed to have been located in the yellow area highlighted in the image below. The red line indicates where a new road has been built on Big Island First Nation.

Sources have indicated that two people have left Big Island First Nation and the surrounding area since the disappearance of Kirkrude, and they were 2 of the last 3 people to have been in contact with him.


One of the people, an adult female, was a known cocaine dealer who is believed to have been in debt to her supplier for some time leading up to Kirkrude having gone missing, our sources believe.

Further, our source tells us that they believe the female cocaine trafficker had knowledge that Kirkrude was in possession of roughly $2000 the night he went missing.

In the days after Kirkrudeโ€™s disappearance, the womanโ€™s debt was known as paid off in full. The cocaine trafficker is believed to be somewhere in the Winnipeg, Manitoba area since.

The other person to have left is believed to have seen Kirkrude that evening as well. This second woman was hanging out with Kirkrude when he left her place to go and obtain some alcohol from a local bootlegger.

The woman at first said she did not see which direction Kirkrude left after he exited the home from the front door. Later her story would change to she did not see him on the main road, as she glanced out a window, and that he had left from the back door.

This woman left Big Island First Nation around the same time as the cocaine trafficker, except she is believed to have relocated to the Minneapolis, Minnesota area.


If anyone has any information regarding the possible killing or Bradley Kirkrude JR., they are urged to contact the OPP or Treaty Three Police Service and let them know immediately.

If you wish to remain anonymous, you can also contact Crime Stoppers through their website atย



  1. This is definitely a mystery. Who walks into the bush with $2000 in their pocket. Iโ€™d be suspicious of the drug using cocaine dealers who have debts to pay. Hope he is found soon so the family can stop worrying about him.

  2. This is now leading to the ‘truth’….my sadness goes out to Brad and his family…and my niece.

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