(SIOUX LOOKOUT, ON) – Allegations have risen regarding a 52-year-old Guy Langlois inviting children under 16 years old to touch his penis on multiple occasions.

Langlois appeared in front of Justice of the Peace Marcel Donio this morning in a Thunder Bay bail court. The accused was able to do this from the Ontario Provincial Police detachment in Sioux Lookout via telephone.


The Crown Attorney, Franceline Auclair was also present, along with a duty counsel lawyer.

Langlois is accused of inviting children to touch his penis on at least two occasions, his charges are listed below and dated:

  • Invite a person under the age of 16 to sexual touching (penis) August 29th, 2018
  • Invite a person under the age of 16 to sexual touching (penis) November 21st, 2018

The Crown states that this is a Crown-onus situation, but is still opposed to Langlois’ release and indicates there are secondary ground concerns.


A β€œCrown-onus situation” means that the Crown must show the court why the accused should be detained in custody. Secondary ground concerns indicates that the Crown believes that either the accused is going to re-offend, become a public safety concern, or interfere with the administration of justice, or any combination of those.

The Crown requests a publication ban pursuant to section 486.4 of the Criminal Code, along with a no-contact order with the complainant while Langlois is in custody.

Duty counsel requests the matter be put over until Monday, so that Langlois has time to speak with his lawyer and potentially craft a bail plan.

His Worship, Justice of the Peace Marcel Donio grants the publication ban, the no-contact order, and the remand. Langlois will remain in jail until at least his Monday court appearance.

If anyone has a photo of Guy Langlois, please email it to

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  1. This guy makes me sick to my stomach. He needs to stay in jail. If he is released it will only make it ok for him to do it again. The children are not safe.

  2. Any child abuse is sick. The jail has its own way of dealing with these predators. I doubt if at 52 this is the first time. This is not normal its very clear he will. do it again and possible get worse. We need as a society to castrate these animals

  3. You all are quick to judge someone based on an allegation. The article is also very much exaggerated. There’s no proof of either of these allegations.

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