(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A woman that was recently convicted for theft, and has a lengthy record related the property offences such as theft, was arrested again, this time while allegedly in possession of a stolen motor vehicle.


The allegations are that Laura Lynn McIsaac was at the Arthur street Wal-Mart, where she has a trespassing warning against her. The loss prevention officer said that he suspects she may have stolen while she was in the store, but refused to press charges against the woman.

When police caught up with McIsaac, she was found to be in possession of a stolen motor vehicle and was arrested.

McIsaac was recently sentenced for stealing out of someone’s garage in the East End of the city, that article is linked at the bottom of this article.

After her arrest, she was held at the Thunder Bay Police Service station, where she appeared in video bail court this morning where Justice of the Peace Bruce Leaman was presiding.


Crown Attorney Misbah Haque was also in the courtroom along with duty counsel lawyer Lianne Roberge.

McIsaac is facing the following criminal charges:

  • Possession of a stolen motor vehicle worth over $5000
  • Failure to comply with probation (keep the peace and be of good behaviour)

The Crown tells the court that McIsaac has a number of outstanding warrants for her arrest in the New Brunswick. McIssacΒ states that she intends to have those charges moved to Thunder Bay to have them dealt with.

Police have informed the court that McIsaac has about 16 various types of breaches recently, as well as a criminal record with a very numerous amount of property related offences, such as theft, robbery and violence.

With that being said, the Crown is prepared to release McIsaac on her own recognizance bail, provided there is an address on file. McIsaac tells the court that she has a residence with a male in the 1700 block of Mountdale avenue. She states that the male has worked at Bombardier for 35-years, and she met him 20-years ago when she worked at Bombardier.

Conditions of McIsaac’s release are:

  • $200 no deposit recognizance
  • No contact with the owner of the stolen vehicle
  • Reside at the residence in the 1700 block of Mountdale ave

The court canvassed McIsaac regarding what the amount of money pledged to the bail plan should be. McIsaac stated that she is on Ontario Works. The Crown suggested $200 and McIsaac accepted that amount.

Duty counsel speaks to McIsaac in private, and upon their return to the courtroom, duty counsel lawyer Lianne Roberge requests a return date of December 14th, 2018 for the matter to be spoken to.

The Justice of the Peace orders McIsaac released. She is walked back to her cell at the police station, where she will wait for the court paper work to be completed then faxed over to 1200 Balmoral.




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