Police Cruiser Involved Collision on Highway 61 Between Arthur and Harbour Expressway


(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ย A two vehicle highway collision has traffic slowed down on Highway 61 this evening. Traffic has slowed down to a crawl.


The Ontario Provincial Police along with Superior North EMS and the Thunder Bay Police Service have all responded to the scene of the crash. We have heard that one person was taken to hospital by ambulance with what appears to be non-life-threatening injuries.

Police say that the driver of the civilian vehicle admitted to smoking cannabis earlier in the day, landing the suspect to be charged. They said that the civilian vehicle made a sudden U-turn, which resulted in the vehicle coming into contact with the police cruiser. Police later did a field sobriety test, which the civilian failed. The civilian was charged with driving while impaired by a drug.

The accident involves a small black vehicle and a Thunder Bay Police Service SUV. The police cruiser can be seen off the roadway and in the ditch.

Traffic control is in place, as the highway is reduced to one lane that is alternating traffic from each direction. We have no word yet on if the police officer or the civilian was the one injured.


People are advised to avoid the section of highway between the Harbour Expressway and Arthur for the time being, so that first responders are safer and your route isnโ€™t delayed. It would be faster to detour around the collision.

TRCCTB would like to remind the general public to please stay focused on the road, especially during rough weather conditions. When the temperature is near zero celcius, it is a perfect storm to brew black ice, which can cause vehicles to lose traction and result in a collision.

Stay REAL Concerned, Thunder Bay.


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