Ford Recalls Trucks Over Fire Hazard


(CANADA) โ€“ย The Ford Motor Company has issued a massive pickup truck recall after 3 fires sparked in Canada. More than 874,000 Ford trucks have been recalled in Canada and the United States.


The cause of the fire has to do with the engine block heaters. This recall encompasses some F-150โ€™s from 2015 to 2019, as well as F-250โ€™s, F-350โ€™s, F-450โ€™s and F-550โ€™s from 2017 to 2019.

Ford has said that water and other contaminants can get into the heater cable, thus causing corrosion which may lead to electrical shorts and potential fires. Engine block heaters are devices that warm up the engine, which make it not only easier to start in colder climates, but reduces wear and tear on the engine.

Further, the company has said that the risk for fire erupting is only when the heater block is plugged into an electrical socket.

Of the three fires reported in Canada, only minor property damage was mentioned in one incident. There have been no injuries and no fires in the United States.


Existing trucks on dealers lots will be inspected and the cables will either be repaired or replaced if needed. The recall in the United States is expected to start on January 7th, 2019.

Fordโ€™s F-Series trucks are the top-selling vehicles in the United States.


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