Appearing this morning, Christmas Morning, Tuesday December 25,2018 via video from the TBPS Station in Courtroom 104 is 27 year old ANTHONY BEARDY.

Itโ€™s W.A.S.H. (Weekend And Statutory Holiday) Court today. His Worship, Marcel Donio is presiding. Provincial Crown Sarah Munch is here along with Duty Counsel Lianne Roberge.

Beardy is wearing dark clothing and has long dark hair well past his shoulders. He has an extensive criminal record.

The court heard that BEARDY was arrested last night on outstanding warrants for breach of recognizance and failing to report to police on November 1,2016. He also failed to attend court on August 22, 2017. He has a couple outstanding charges including possession of stolen property.


Despite the fact that this is reverse onus and he hasnโ€™t paid his previous 500$ no deposit bail, heโ€™s released again on a 700$ no deposit bail. He has conditions to reside on Moonias Street in Lansdowne House Reserve and stay out of Bearskin Lake Reserve.

Beardy was involved in a big drug bust in Sioux Lookout 2 years ago where he was caught with 8000$ of cocaine.

Heโ€™s in Thunder Bay because his father is in critical condition at hospital.

He is under orders to had no contact with his co-accused and report to Thunder Bay Police every week by phone.

BEARDY is released with future court date.

If you have a picture of Anthony, please message it to me


9 Replies to “Suspected Drug Dealer Arrested”

    1. Ok quit already. What do you say when a non-native gets in trouble?
      I think we get where youโ€™re coming from so now you can quit your b****in.

  1. Unbelievable ! Doesn’t pay the bail he was required to pay. Don’t you have to pay bail BEFORE you get let out ? And they let him out on bail again. What the hell is going on with our justice system ? Seems to be a revolving door for some of them. Gotta change.

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