Appearing handcuffed in Courtroom 102 prisonerโ€™s box before Her Honour Justice Elaine Burton this morning, Thursday December 27, 2018 is 29 year old AARON MICHAEL EDWARD DUCHARME.

DUCHARME stands about 5โ€™6โ€ณ and is average build. Wearing a gray zip up hoodie, light coloured t-shirt and loose blue jeans along with shiny silver bracelets keeping his wrists together. He is represented by local lawyer Michael Hargadon and Crown Attorney Andrea Mason is also present.

DUCHARME is pleading guilty to an armed robbery with a knife at Barbโ€™s Laundromat on 1200 Victoria Ave East on August 10,2018.

Admitted facts before the court are that DUCHARME entered Barbโ€™s Laundromat at 5:45pm on August 10,2018 pulled out a knife and demanded the clerk โ€œGive me all your moneyโ€


DUCHARME received 295$ from the clerk and left the store. He was on parole for a previous Cab driver and Shell station robbery. TBPS Officers recognized him from surveillance video, the clerk picked out his photo from a photo line up as well as DUCHARMEโ€™S parole officer also identified him from the security footage.

DUCHARME was arrested by our hard working TBPS Officers on the evening of August 14, 2018. Heโ€™s been in custody since because he was on parole for a previous cab driver robbery in which he was sentenced to 1 year. That sentence is due to expire tomorrow. He will receive NO CREDIT for todayโ€™s sentence.

There is a joint submission before the court for 3 years in the penitentiary.

Gladue factors are that DUCHARME was born in Winnipeg. His mother is not Aboriginal but his father was from a reserve in Manitoba. At age 6, DUCHARME found his father hanging in back yard on clothesline pole from suicide.

His mother then hooked up with local drug dealer, thief and pharmacy robber Greg Rule. DUCHARME began abusing oxycontin at the age of 13. It was oxycontin that was stolen by Greg Rule in a pharmacy robbery and stashed in the basement of their home.

His 2 younger brothers have no criminal records and are productive members of society. Defence attorney Hargadon concedes that committing robbery while on parole for robbery is an aggravating factor and were it not for Gladue factors, heโ€™d be looking at sentence of 5-6 years in prison.


Justice Burton asks if DUCHARME has anything to say. He replies โ€œIโ€™m sorry for what Iโ€™ve doneโ€. Her Honour tells DUCHARME โ€œYouโ€™re spending your life in jail on the installment planโ€.


His first robbery was in 2009 for which he received 3 years. He also committed robberies on a taxi driver and at a Shell Station in 2014 for which he was sentenced last year. His sentence in those matters expires tomorrow.

Justice Burton tells DUCHARME that 3 years in prison is as low as she can go. It will be much higher if this occurs again. DUCHARME receives a lifetime weapons ban and a DNA order.

He is led out of the courtroom by TBPS Special Constables to return to the Thunder Bay Jail. Heโ€™ll be sent off to Stoney Mountain Penitentiary within the next couple weeks for his 3 year sentence. But with statutory release, he will only serve 2 years.


4 Replies to “Barb’s Laundromat Robber Gets Three Years”

  1. So give him your condolences and kick his a** to jail for hard time without good behaviour. Stoney! Stoney! Stoney!

  2. You people are a****les this kid never had a chance in life he needs rehabilitation not jail. There is no rehabilitation at stoney mountain.

  3. This clown just doesnโ€™t learn does he.
    I can see one or two missteps in life. Weโ€™re all Human an make mistakes.
    But this is habitual behaviour.
    Almost like he would rather be in jail than on the streets.
    Institutionalized at its finest.

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