A disciplinary hearing for Thunder Bay lawyer CHRISTOPHER CHARLES WATKINS will resume on March 5,2019 in Thunder Bay, Ontario. WATKINS is accused of missing court dates and inadequately communicating with his clients.

The Law Society of Ontario issued an interlocutory suspension in October 2018.

WATKINS has failed to appear in court on several occasions for his clients. Heโ€™s had several health and family issues in the recent past.

He remains suspended from practicing law until the Law Society Tribunal conducts a hearing and makes a decision on his status as a lawyer.

Iโ€™ve attached a document that includes the Notice of Motion (this is the issue that will be heard at the hearing) and subsequent endorsements (summaries of what was decided at each of the pre-hearing adjudicator meetings). The last endorsement has details about the hearing in Thunder Bay.

The hearing will start at 9:30am. A location has not been announced yet.


7 Replies to “Watkins in Hot Water”

  1. You think he’s not truthful? I was glad to see this on Chris, I had no idea his situation all started before the Law Society stepped in on Oct./18.
    You do not want to be in his shoes. I feel sorry for him and his family . I feel for his clients too that had to report him cause he couldn’t be there for them.
    Be a detective and find out or maybe you really know and are being cocky. Either way Thunder Bay pls. open your blinds and turn off the tv. and be somehow part of doing something for your community. It may be work related. This way you’re looking after yourself and your city which is your home of Thunder Bay.
    Superior by Nature!

    1. What?!
      I have no idea what your trying to write here.
      You want us to open the blinds and turn off our tvโ€™s?
      Who watches t.v anymore?
      Do we just stand in the window staring into the street like a bunch creeps?
      Superior by Nature?
      Wtf are you going on bout?

  2. Mr. Thunder Bay obviously knows Chris’s health issue and family problems. I can’t publicly say it.

    You don’t have to have all the blinds up. It helps to be aware of your surroundings and know who doesn’t belong in your neighborhood. Our police can’t be everywhere.
    The watching of movies or whatever entertains a person all the time makes you unaware, ” Ignorance is bliss.” Meanwhile the heroin trafficking and other drugs is fueling our city with money and it’s being trafficked to other cities via Thunder Bay being a port city. Addictions (People are given pure heroin at first to hook them). Overdose (heroin is laced with fentanyl). death by guns, death by acceptance into gangs, human trafficking to name a few. The money from corruption also allows for sponsorship for others in any country to come and take up residence. Someone said if I noticed more elderly people in our city and where did they come from. Our city is growing fast. Good for money flow for the city but the health care system is gonna be so taxed in Canada that it will lead the gov’t into taking away the pensions to pay for it.

    Superior by nature is a play on words. We’re on lake superior surrounded by nature. It’s so beautiful!

  3. Nobody says he cant have health and personal problems but he has an obligation to be responsible to his clients and at least give them heads up .Not just leave them hanging ………….its called being a grown up.Thats the problem nowadays…..too much pity parties.People need to be responsible .

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