Police Presence Currently at a Suspected North Side Drug House


(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ย The Thunder Bay Police Service are hard at work, handling a situation at a suspected north side drug house.


Police have taken up positions outside the Blucher Avenue home and street. Multiple cruisers and officers can be seen in the area.

Details are low at the moment, but a resident in the area has told TRCCTB.COM that they heard an officer attempting to talk through the door to anyone inside.

Area residents tell TRCCTB.COM that the home has pedestrian and vehicular traffic that is consistent with that of a drug trafficking location.

The Thunder Bay Police Service along with the Ontario Provincial Police have been making numerous drug busts in the city over the past 8 months. But it is well known that every time an out of town gang-related drug bust happens, more gang members are sent to Thunder Bay to fill the void.


This is a developing story, and we will keep you updated.


4 Replies to “Police Presence Currently at a Suspected North Side Drug House”

  1. They were in the house, 3 officers total. They made the residence leave. Not sure if they gained possession of the home and were evicted at that moment. But the cops made them leave with their shit.

  2. Doesnโ€™t matter what street. I was just at Shoppers โ€˜drugโ€™mart on memorial and john street and witnessed 2 Caucasian males deal to a black male (via the infamous handshake) and off they went (2 white males). The dark man entered Shoppers and bought a few items. He then exited the store and met a female outside. The two of them disappeared around the side of Shoppers between the store and RBC. They then split up as they walked back to the parking lot. The female then jumped into a running car in the parking lot driven by an elderly man. Lots of work to score a fix, I guess. Anyways, theyโ€™ll eventually all grow up except for the old guy!

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