Appearing this morning in person in Courtroom 104 is a deaf 40 year old SCOTT FORBES of Thunder Bay, Ontario.

FORBES is being brought in person handcuffed because he is hearing impaired.
He’s tall and slim wearing a black T-shirt with picture of tiger face on it. He has a long red goatee and long red hair.

He’s allowed to sit next to his attorney since a sign language interpreter is not available. She will type everything for him to read.

His Worship, Justice of the Peace Raymond Zuliani is presiding. Crown Attorney Emily Delaney and defence Attorney Kate Brindley are here.


The court hears that FORBES was arrested last evening for alleged impaired driving.

Inside Edition sources indicate that FORBES was driving on Fort William Road and got hung up on a snow bank. Police officers arrived on the scene to find an allegedly impaired FORBES who later blew high readings on breathalyzer.

FORBES will be released on a 100$ no deposit recognizance.

He has a 10pm to 7am curfew.

Must reside at his apartment on Kingsway Street.

Not allowed to leave his apartment with alcohol in his body.


Not allowed to be near schools, parks or any place children under 16 will be present.

Not allowed in the presence of anyone under 16 years of age.

SCOTT FORBES is released with a return court date of February 26,2019.

He has outstanding criminal charges of alleged sexual assault on a person under 16.

Also charged with sexual invitation to touch with a person under 16 from an alleged incident in 2013

No taxpayer subsidized media is present. No notification to the public from the Director of Communications at TBPS regarding these incidents.




3 Replies to “Alleged child molester has been arrested again.”

    1. We do , but it’s full to capacity , much like our hospital . There’s also 3 or 4 other detention facilities but those are crammed to the gills with offenders too .

  1. this guy needs to be castrated!! any person with sexual crimes or intent with a minor should be castrated or plainly dropped in the middle of the ocean… this guy is a sick scum bag and should be treated as such everywere he goes…
    our judicial system is flawed and broken, i cant believe the people they leave roaming our streets.

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